Review: CASEKOO iPhone 13 Pro Clear Case – Tough, Stylish, and Yellowing-Proof

We recently got our hands on the CASEKOO for iPhone 13 ⁣Pro Case Crystal Clear, and we couldn’t‌ wait to ​share‌ our thoughts on⁣ this ‍innovative product.​ This ⁤clear⁣ phone case boasts some impressive ⁢features such as ⁤military-grade ⁤drop protection, raised‍ camera and ⁤screen protection, a snug and slim​ design, anti-fingerprint coating, and a promise to never yellow over time. Stay tuned as we dive‍ deep into⁢ our ⁤firsthand experience with this shockproof protective iPhone⁤ 13 Pro phone case ‌and see if it lives up ⁤to the hype!

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Our ‌experience with the CASEKOO ⁣iPhone ⁣13 Pro​ Case was⁢ truly impressive. ⁢The military-grade protection it offers is unmatched, thanks to the Flex-impact‍ Cushion Tech that disperses severe shocks.⁤ The combination of rigid polycarbonate and flexible‍ TPU ‌bumpers creates ‍a tough shield, ensuring our phone is safe from accidental drops and bumps.

The crystal clear design ​not only showcases the original beauty of the iPhone 13 Pro but also stays ‍true to its promise of never yellowing. The ‌raised bezels ​provide extra protection for the screen and camera, while the slim ‌and ​snug fit of the case makes it easy to carry around without‍ adding‌ unnecessary⁢ bulk. Plus, the anti-fingerprint ‍coating kept our case looking pristine, making it a perfect choice for everyday use.

High-Quality Material with ‌Crystal Clear Design

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We recently got our ⁣hands on the CASEKOO iPhone 13 Pro Case, and we were absolutely⁤ blown away by the high-quality material‍ and crystal-clear design of ⁢this​ protective phone case. The combination of Bayer’s ultra-clear TPU and PC material not only allows you​ to showcase the original beauty of your iPhone 13 Pro but also ensures that the case won’t turn yellow over time. The ‍nano-grade diamond ⁤anti-oxidation coating effectively ⁣resists yellowing caused by UV rays and sweat, keeping your phone looking pristine for longer.

Moreover, the⁢ military-grade protection⁣ provided​ by this case is outstanding. Equipped with ⁢Flex-impact Cushion Tech and meeting‍ [MIL-STD-810G] standard, you can ⁤rest⁢ assured that‍ your iPhone 13 Pro is ⁣well protected from severe shocks and accidental drops. The ⁢raised bezels offer extra protection for the screen and camera, while the slim design snugly wraps around your phone, keeping⁢ dust and scratches at ​bay. The anti-fingerprint coating ensures⁣ a clean and non-slip grip, perfect for ‌everyday use. If you’re looking for a durable‌ and stylish case for your iPhone 13 Pro, this one is definitely worth considering. Check it‍ out on‌ Amazon for more details!

Impressive ‍Military Drop Protection

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When⁢ it comes to⁤ protecting‌ my iPhone 13 ​Pro, I want nothing but⁢ the best, and the CASEKOO ⁤Crystal Clear⁣ Case certainly delivers. The military-grade protection this ⁤case ​offers ⁤is truly impressive, ‍with Flex-impact Cushion Tech to disperse severe ⁣shocks, meeting​ the [MIL-STD-810G] standard. Not only does ⁢it provide top-notch protection, but it ​also boasts a ⁣slim design that ⁤fits snugly around my ​phone, making it easy to slip ‌in and out of my pocket.

One ⁢of my ⁢favorite features ‌of this case is the raised camera and ​screen protection. The raised bezels prevent scratches and damage to the screen​ and camera, while the tiny design details like ⁢2.5 mm lips over the camera and⁤ 1.2 mm bezels over the screen provide ‍extra comprehensive protection. Plus, the​ anti-fingerprint coating on the ultra-clean backplane keeps‌ my phone looking pristine and free from smudges. If you’re⁤ looking for a high-quality, durable case that doesn’t compromise on style, I highly recommend checking ‌out the​ CASEKOO Crystal Clear​ Case ‌for iPhone 13⁤ Pro.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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Our detailed insights on the ⁤CASEKOO ​iPhone ⁤13 Pro case reveal a high⁤ level‍ of protection combined⁤ with ​a ​sleek ⁢and slim⁣ design. The military-grade protection offered by​ the Flex-impact Cushion Tech⁣ ensures that ​your device‌ is⁢ safeguarded against severe shocks, meeting [MIL-STD-810G] standard. The raised bezels provide added defense for both the screen⁣ and camera, preventing scratches and ⁢damage‍ from accidental drops. Additionally, the crystal-clear ⁢case fits snugly around ‍the phone,⁣ preventing dust ‍ingress and scratches while maintaining a slim profile that easily slides into ⁢your pocket. The anti-fingerprint⁢ coating and non-slip grip make it ideal for everyday use, whether you’re texting, ⁢gaming, or taking ‍selfies.

Furthermore, the⁣ innovative⁢ materials used in this case ensure ⁤that it remains ​crystal clear and resists yellowing over time. The high-grade Bayer’s ultra-clear TPU and PC material, combined with a nano-grade diamond anti-oxidation coating, ⁤effectively​ prevent ⁢yellowing caused‍ by UV rays and ⁢sweat, maintaining the original beauty of⁢ your phone. Overall, the CASEKOO iPhone‍ 13 Pro case offers comprehensive protection, a sleek ‌design,​ and durable materials that ensure long-term cleanliness⁢ and functionality. If ‌you’re looking for ⁤a reliable and stylish case for your iPhone 13⁤ Pro, this option is definitely worth considering. ⁢Upgrade ⁢your⁣ phone’s protection today with‌ CASEKOO ⁤- click here to⁣ purchase now.

Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Here’s a compilation of ⁣customer reviews⁢ for the CASEKOO iPhone 13⁢ Pro Clear ‌Case:

Positive Reviews:

  • The case⁤ delivers everything ‍that ‍it was promised. The plastic ‍is really crystal clear, keeping the phone protected and, at the same time, showing the​ beautiful design. The case is sturdy enough‌ that the ‌phone can fall and not break, but also it has flexible parts –⁤ for example: the material is slightly different in the⁢ side⁢ buttons area, making the clicks⁤ more responsive.
  • Really ⁢pretty, sturdy ‍and very reasonable.⁢ Looked great, though⁢ the phone would‌ not hold well to a ​magnetic ⁣stand with this case on. Don’t think this one actually has a magnet in it. Had to buy one that ⁤also ⁤was MagSafe. Really liked this one though.
  • I got this case because of the good reviews and thank god I ‍did. The‍ case‌ is just ⁤what you​ need. It’s‍ perfect,‌ I got a color that matches my phone and it looks so good. Fit just fine, ⁢isn’t ⁤heavy, doesn’t look awful, or look like ⁣cheap plastic. ‍It’s​ fantastic. Highly recommended.

Negative Reviews:

  • There was a⁣ complaint about receiving a product that did not match the description provided.
  • One customer mentioned that the case did not come with the brand logo or additional accessories as shown in the photo.
  • Another review ⁣expressed concerns about the lack of clarity regarding the advertised military-grade shockproof and ​yellowing-resistant technology.

Pros & ​Cons

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Pros ‍& Cons of ​CASEKOO iPhone 13 Pro Clear Case


Tough Protection Equipped⁤ with Military-grade protection to disperse‌ severe shocks.
Raised Camera⁢ & Screen Protection Prevents screen and camera against drops & scratches.
Crystal Clear Design Allows you ​to admire the ‍original beauty of your ‍phone.
Non-slip Grip Designed for texting, gaming, and selfies with a secure grip.
Anti-fingerprints Technology Resists fingerprint residues and stays clean.
Yellowing-Proof Anti-oxidation coating‌ resists yellowing caused ‍by UV⁣ rays and ⁣sweat.


Price A bit higher compared to other clear cases on the market.
Minimalist Design May not appeal ⁢to those looking for more flashy or ⁢colorful‍ cases.


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Q: Is the CASEKOO iPhone 13 ⁤Pro Clear Case ‌really as⁤ tough as it claims to⁣ be?
A: Absolutely!⁢ With [Military-grade Protection] ⁢and ⁣Flex-impact Cushion Tech, this case is designed to disperse severe shocks and ​meet ⁣ [MIL-STD-810G] ‌standard.

Q: Will the‍ crystal clear case​ turn yellow over time?
A: Not at all! Thanks to⁤ the nano-grade diamond anti-oxidation coating, this case is designed to resist 99.9% of yellowing caused ⁢by ultraviolet rays and sweat.

Q: Does the case provide enough protection for the camera and⁢ screen?
A: ​Yes, indeed! ⁣With raised bezels and corner lips,‌ this‍ case offers comprehensive protection for your iPhone 13 Pro’s camera and screen against drops and scratches.

Q: Can I easily access all the ⁢buttons and ports with this case on?
A: Of course! The CASEKOO iPhone 13 Pro ‌Clear​ Case is designed to fit ⁤snugly‍ and ⁤features a ​slim design, allowing ​you easy access⁣ to all ⁤buttons and ports without any ​hassle.

Embrace a New Era

Overall, ⁣we were ‌highly impressed with the CASEKOO iPhone 13​ Pro Clear​ Case. It offers top-notch protection, a sleek design, and the assurance of never turning yellow. If you ⁢want a case that can keep up with your busy lifestyle‌ while​ still showcasing the beauty‌ of⁢ your iPhone‌ 13 Pro, this is the perfect choice for you. Don’t wait any​ longer to give your phone the protection it deserves!

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