Rainbow Eyes: Kaely 8Pcs Cream Eyeshadow Stick Set Review

Hey there, makeup lovers! If you’re on the​ hunt for a versatile and convenient eyeshadow option, look no further than the Kaely 8Pcs Cream Eyeshadow Stick Set. With a range of classic colors like Desert Mocha,​ Beige Gold, Light Purple, and Dazzling Blue, this set is ‍perfect for creating a variety of looks – from smoky‌ and sultry to luminous and metallic. In our experience, these‍ creamy eyeshadow ‌sticks go on smoothly and stay‍ put for​ hours,​ thanks to their powder waterproof formula. Plus, the convenient packaging makes this set a perfect gift for your loved ones. ‌Stay tuned as we dive into ​our in-depth review of this shimmering⁤ eyeshadow set. Get ready to elevate your eye makeup game with Kaely!

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We recently had ⁤the ‌pleasure of trying out⁢ the Kaely Eyeshadow Stick Set, and we must say, we were impressed!‍ This set includes 8 beautiful colors⁣ that can be used to create a variety of stunning looks, from smoky to luminous ‌to metallic finishes. We​ especially loved that these eyeshadow sticks go on smoothly like silk, making it⁢ easy to sculpt, shade, and define our eyes without any clumping or smudging.

One of the⁤ standout features of these eyeshadow sticks is their powder waterproof and long-lasting formula. Once⁢ applied, these eyeshadows stay ‌put for up to 10-12 hours, ⁣ensuring that your eye makeup looks fresh and vibrant all day long. Additionally, the perfect ‌packaging makes this set an‌ ideal gift for friends or family members who love makeup. If you’re looking for a versatile, convenient, and high-quality eyeshadow set, we highly recommend checking out the Kaely Eyeshadow Stick Set! Click here to purchase.

Product Features and Highlights

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The⁢ Kaely 8Pcs Cream Eyeshadow Stick Set is a game-changer⁣ when it comes to achieving flawless eye makeup in seconds. With 8 classic colors to choose from, including White Matte, Brown Gold Shimmer,⁢ Mermaid Pink‌ Shimmer, and more, you can create ⁣a‍ variety of looks ranging from ⁣smoky to⁢ luminous to metallic finishes. These eyeshadow sticks also work well as a highlighter and eyeliner pencil, making them versatile for any makeup look you desire. The silky texture of the eyeshadows goes on smoothly without clumping, skipping, or smudging, ‌ensuring a ⁤seamless application ​every time.

Additionally, the powder ⁣waterproof formula ‍ensures that your eye makeup stays put for up to 10-12 hours without fading or creasing. ⁢The thick-end⁢ eyeshadow crayons allow for quick and ⁣easy application, perfect for ⁢on-the-go touch-ups. Packaged beautifully, this eyeshadow stick set ​makes ​for a perfect gift for friends or⁢ family ​members who love makeup. Whether you’re a ⁣makeup novice or a beauty expert, this Eyeshadow Stick Set is​ a must-have in your⁤ beauty arsenal. Say goodbye to complicated eyeshadow palettes and hello to effortless color ‌and convenience with ⁢Kaely!​ So, why ‌wait? Get your hands on this amazing product now ⁣and elevate your ‌eye makeup game to the next level!

Detailed Insights and​ Recommendations

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After testing out ⁢the Kaely 8Pcs Cream Eyeshadow ​Stick Set, we can⁤ provide ⁤you with some based on our experience. ‍The set includes 8 classic colors that are ⁣perfect⁢ for creating various eye makeup looks. The eyeshadow sticks⁤ go on smoothly like silk without clumping, skipping, or smudging, making ⁣them easy⁣ to use for both beginners and makeup enthusiasts.

The powder ⁣waterproof formula ensures long-lasting wear, up to⁣ 10-12 hours, without creasing or fading. The perfect packaging of this‍ set also makes it ​an⁤ ideal gift for friends, family, ‍or yourself. Achieve flawless eye makeup in seconds with these shimmering eyeshadow sticks that are designed for smooth blending and even color payoff. If‌ you’re looking to enhance your eye makeup collection, we recommend giving⁤ this ⁣set a try!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing ​customer reviews, we found⁣ a mixed reaction to the Kaely 8Pcs ⁣Cream Eyeshadow⁤ Stick Set for Eyes. Some customers were delighted with the range of colors, ease of application, and smooth texture of the eyeshadows. Others, however, were disappointed by‍ the lack of​ pigmentation and short‌ longevity of‌ the product.

Positive ‍Comments:

Pros This set⁢ offers a good ⁢deal with 8 different rainbow colors that​ are perfect for subtle color and shimmer. The eyeshadows are⁣ easy to apply, creamy, and blendable. They are also portable and convenient for on-the-go application.
I want them all! These are by far the best eyeshadow sticks I have ever used. The colors‌ are bold, easy ⁤to⁤ apply, and don’t clump.
Great value for the money Love the ⁣colors of these eyeshadows. They go ⁣on very easily and have good color payoff.

Negative Comments:

No pigment at all Some customers ‍found the eyeshadows to have no pigment and considered it a‌ waste of money.
Colors look nothing as ⁤advertised Other customers ‍were disappointed by the color ⁣payoff and quality of the eyeshadows.

In conclusion, while the Kaely 8Pcs Cream Eyeshadow Stick Set for‍ Eyes offers a versatile collection of eyeshadows in attractive colors, the product may⁢ fall‌ short in‍ terms of pigmentation and longevity for some customers. It is best suited for those​ looking for ‍subtle and easy-to-apply eye makeup‌ options.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons:


  • Wide range⁤ of colors, perfect​ for creating various makeup looks.
  • Smooth‌ application‌ without clumping, skipping, or smudging.
  • Long-lasting and waterproof formula that stays on for up to 10-12 hours.
  • Convenient thick-end eyeshadow crayon for quick and easy application.
  • Multi-functional product that works as eyeshadow,​ highlighter, and⁣ eyeliner​ pencil.
  • Great packaging, making ‍it ​an ideal gift for friends and family.


1. The colors‍ may not be suitable⁢ for those who ‌prefer a more ⁣natural makeup look.
2. Some users may find the formula to be too thick for their liking.
3. The eyeshadow sticks may need⁤ to be ⁣sharpened regularly, which can lead to​ product wastage.


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Q:‌ Are these eyeshadow sticks easy to use?

A:⁤ Yes, these eyeshadow sticks are incredibly easy to use. They go ‌on smoothly without clumping, skipping, or smudging, making them perfect for⁤ beginners and seasoned makeup enthusiasts alike.

Q: How long do ​these eyeshadow ​sticks last?

A: These eyeshadow sticks are⁤ powder waterproof⁣ and long-lasting,​ with‍ a wear time of up ​to 10-12 hours. You can⁢ trust that your eye​ makeup ⁤will stay put all day or night.

Q: ⁢Can⁢ these eyeshadow ⁤sticks⁤ be ⁣used as eyeliner?

A: Yes, these ⁣eyeshadow sticks can ⁢also be used as ‌eyeliner pencils. The variety of colors in‌ the ⁤set allows you to create various eye looks, from​ subtle to ⁢bold.

Q:‌ Is this eyeshadow stick set a good gift?

A: Absolutely! The packaging of this eyeshadow stick set is perfect for gifting. Whether it’s for a ‍friend, family​ member, or yourself, this set ⁤makes a ⁤wonderful birthday or special occasion gift. Surprise your loved ones with this versatile ‍and easy-to-use eyeshadow set.

Q: Can these eyeshadow‌ sticks be ​blended easily?

A: Yes, these eyeshadow sticks are designed for smooth blending and⁤ even color payoff. You can ⁣achieve flawless eye makeup in seconds⁣ with​ these high-pigment sticks. Whether ​you’re ‌going for a subtle everyday look‍ or a glamorous evening look, these eyeshadow sticks have got you covered.

Embrace a New Era

As we wrap up our review of the Kaely 8Pcs Cream Eyeshadow Stick Set, ‌we were truly impressed‍ by the vibrant colors, long-lasting formula, and convenient packaging of this product. Whether you’re ​going for a subtle shimmer or a bold ⁣statement eye, this set has you covered.

If you’re looking to add some rainbow magic to your makeup collection, don’t hesitate to click here and grab your own ⁢set now! Trust us, your eyes will thank you. 💖🌈

Get your Kaely 8Pcs Cream Eyeshadow Stick Set now!

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