The Ultimate Room Divider: Umbra Anywhere Expandable Tension Curtain Rod

The Ultimate Room Divider: Umbra Anywhere Expandable Tension Curtain Rod

Welcome to ‍our product ​review blog! Today, we are excited to share our first-hand experience with the Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider, Tension Curtain Rod. This unique and versatile curtain rod is designed to solve all of your ​hard-to-install curtain dilemmas, whether you’re renting a space where drilling isn’t allowed, need more⁢ privacy in your studio, or want to divide a room in your dorm.

The standout feature of the Umbra Anywhere curtain rod is its wrap-around design, ⁣which ‌keeps your ⁢curtains flush against the wall, providing⁤ better blackout coverage. The rod ‍can‌ be easily adjusted to fit any standard‌ or ​irregular space, with a⁢ height range of 7-10 ft and ‌a width range of 35-66 inches. ​This means that you can customize it to suit the needs of ⁤any room.

One of the key benefits of ‍this tension curtain rod is that it is completely damage-free and requires no tools for installation. Within 20 minutes or ‍less, you can ⁤have the rod set up and ready to use. It’s perfect for renters who want to avoid drilling holes or causing damage to walls and ceilings. Just adjust the height and width to your desired dimensions and ⁢lock it in place.

Not ⁣only does the Umbra Anywhere curtain rod work great for hanging curtains, but it also serves as an excellent room ‌divider.⁤ Simply ​add curtain panels (sold separately), and you​ can easily divide up⁢ a space​ or‌ create extra privacy. This makes it an ideal solution for lofts, apartments, offices,​ dorm rooms, and more.

When it comes⁣ to quality, Umbra has you covered. ‍Their team of international designers brings thought, ​creativity, and original design to ⁢everyday items. The Anywhere⁤ curtain rod is made to last using high-quality materials, so you can trust its ⁣durability and reliability.

In summary, the Umbra Anywhere Expandable‌ Room Divider, Tension Curtain Rod is a game-changer⁣ for anyone looking for a versatile, damage-free solution to‌ hang curtains or divide a space. Its easy installation, adjustable design, and high-quality construction make it a top choice. So why settle for copy-cat products when you can have the original? Choose Umbra and create the perfect curtain setup for your living space.

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The Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider is a game-changer when it comes to hanging curtains.⁤ With its unique tension curtain ⁣rod​ system, you can‌ now⁢ install curtains in those⁢ hard-to-reach areas without drilling any holes. Whether you’re in ‌a rental where drilling is not allowed,‌ a studio where you need more privacy, or⁢ a dorm room where you want to divide a space, this curtain rod is the answer.

What sets the Anywhere curtain rod apart is its wrap-around design, which ‍ensures that curtains stay flush ⁣against the wall, providing better blackout capability. ‌This tension curtain rod is adjustable in both height and width, making it suitable for any space. It can extend from 7 to 10 feet‍ in height and adjust from 35 to 66 inches in width. Setting it up is ⁢a breeze and requires no tools. Simply adjust the height and width to your liking and lock it⁣ in place. It’s that easy!

But the versatility of⁢ the‍ Anywhere tension curtain rod doesn’t stop there. It also works ⁤perfectly as​ a room divider, allowing you to separate spaces and create⁢ extra privacy. Whether you’re ​looking for a living room divider or need to separate areas in your loft, apartment, office, or dorm room, ​this curtain rod does the job flawlessly.

Please note that curtains or panels are not included with the rod. It’s best to ​use this rod in low-traffic ⁢areas and on smooth, ⁣level surfaces ⁢such as hardware or tile. Rest ​assured, this tension curtain rod is completely‍ non-damaging, leaving no⁤ holes or damage on walls ⁤or ceilings. It’s ​an ideal solution ‌for rental apartments and condos where damage is a concern.

The Umbra Anywhere‌ Expandable Room Divider is an original design by ⁢our team of international designers. We take pride in bringing thought, ⁣creativity, and original⁢ design to everyday items. With high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship, our products are built⁣ to last. Don’t settle for copy-cat products when‍ you can have‌ the original. ‍If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with ‍your⁤ purchase, ‌contact us within 30 days, and we will fix it or issue a full refund.​ Experience the convenience and functionality of⁢ the Anywhere Rod⁢ and order ​yours today!

Key Features and Benefits

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  • Completely ​Non-Damaging: The Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider is a versatile and easy-to-use tension curtain rod that leaves no holes or damage on walls or ​ceilings. This makes it an ideal ‌solution for rental apartments and condos, allowing you ‍to ⁢add privacy or divide up ⁢space without any⁤ permanent marks.

  • Fully Adjustable: This curtain rod ⁤can be easily adjusted to fit any standard or irregular space. With⁣ a height range of 7-10‌ feet and a width range of 35-66⁣ inches, it can be customized to suit ⁢your specific needs. ⁣Whether you ⁤have a small studio or a spacious loft, ⁤the Anywhere Rod can be extended ‍or contracted to provide the perfect fit.

  • Use ‍as a Room Divider: With the addition of ‍curtain⁣ panels (sold separately), the Anywhere tension curtain rod system becomes a damage-free solution for dividing up space. Whether you want to create a separate living area ⁢in your loft, add privacy to your office, or divide a dorm room, ⁣this versatile rod can do it all. Simply hang the⁤ panels and adjust the ‍rod to create the desired layout.

  • Easy⁢ and Fast to Install: Setting up the Anywhere ⁣adjustable tension curtain rod is a breeze. No tools are required, and installation can be completed in minutes. Simply adjust the height and ⁢width to fit your space, and lock it in place.⁢ It’s a hassle-free solution for adding‍ style and functionality to your living​ space.

  • Original Design and Total⁢ Satisfaction: The Umbra⁢ Anywhere Expandable Room Divider features an original design from a ⁢team of international‌ designers. ​Made to last using high-quality materials, this tension ‍curtain rod is built to withstand daily use. Rest assured that you’re getting the original product, as Umbra is known for its thought, creativity, and originality. ‍If you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days, we offer a full⁣ refund or solution to address your concerns.

Experience ‍the⁢ convenience and versatility of the Umbra⁤ Anywhere Expandable Room Divider. Order yours today and transform any‌ space into a functional and‍ stylish area.

In-depth⁢ Analysis and ⁢Recommendations

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The Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider is a game-changer when it comes ⁤to finding a solution for hanging curtains in hard-to-install areas. Whether⁣ you’re in a rental where drilling⁤ is prohibited, a studio in need of extra⁣ privacy,‍ or a dorm room requiring a ​space divider, this tension curtain rod has ⁢got you covered.⁢ With its unique wrap-around design, it keeps curtains flush ‌against the wall, providing better ⁣blackout capabilities.

One of the standout features ⁢of the Anywhere curtain rod is its adjustability. With a height range of 7-10 feet and a width range of 35-66 inches, it can be easily customized to fit any space. Setting it up is a breeze,⁤ as it is completely damage-free and tool-free. Simply adjust the height‍ and width to your desired measurements and lock it in‌ place. Voila! Your curtains ⁣are ready to hang. Additionally, this versatile rod also serves as an ‌excellent room divider, making it perfect for creating ‌separate spaces in your living room, loft, apartment, office, dorm room, and more.

When it comes ‍to usability, the Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider truly‍ excels.​ It is ideal for low-traffic areas and works best on smooth and level surfaces such as hardware or tile. Its ⁤non-damaging nature ensures that no holes or damage will be left behind on your walls or ceilings, making it a fantastic choice for rental apartments ⁤and condos. ‍Furthermore, this tension‍ rod offers a high level of⁣ satisfaction, as it is an original design crafted by ​Umbra’s team ‍of international designers. They ​have brought⁣ thought, creativity, and originality​ to this everyday item, ensuring its‌ durability and longevity. Don’t be swayed by copy-cat products; choose Umbra and get the authentic experience. ⁤And if for some reason you’re not completely⁣ satisfied, don’t worry – contact us within 30 days for‌ a full refund or to have any issues resolved.

For a versatile, ​adjustable, and​ damage-free ​curtain hanging solution, the Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider ‍is the way to go. With its easy installation process, room dividing capabilities, and high-quality design, it ticks all the boxes. Purchase your‍ Anywhere Rod from Umbra today and transform your space effortlessly.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Highly recommended

I purchased 2 ​each of these Tension​ Curtain Rod systems for ⁢my son⁣ to be able to have a bit of privacy in a shared dorm room with really high ceilings…and they work great!⁢ They were easy to put together, came ‍with clear instructions, and were relatively easy to install (you could probably do it on your own, but it helps to have a 2nd set of ​hands to help make sure there is enough ​tension to keep pole upright/in place once curtains are‍ installed on the rod). It is rather sturdy when installed properly and doesn’t “sag” (even with the heavier, light-blocking style curtains). Plus…the customer service is excellent! I recently contacted the company for assistance regarding a replacement bracket (which ‌was accidentally broken due to user error/clumsiness)…and not only did I hear back⁣ from customer ⁣service right away, but they are also sending me the replacement part at no​ charge. Highly recommended.

Great product, but ‌even⁤ better customer ​service!

Ordered​ this and‌ had⁤ it up. ⁢The dog bumped it over and⁣ a little piece broke. Contacted them in November. They told ‍me they’ll replace it when they get a new ⁢shipment in…January!!! Well, they followed through and I received my new⁢ one!! TOP NOTCH!! Highly recommend the product!!

Works well but ‍requires careful setup

This device gets 4 stars because while it IS fairly straightforward to set it up, it’s not “Geico​ easy” (so easy, a caveman can do it). Also, it seems⁢ to​ be⁤ pretty sturdy but it all depends on how heavy/light your curtains‍ are (mine weigh 3lbs total), how far you ⁢end up extending your horizontal rod (the further it extends, the more it’ll bow at the center under ⁢weight), and​ whether you are careful enough⁢ to not bump into the two poles on ​any given day. You also DEFINITELY need to⁣ purchase a small, magnetic level. Trust me. In order to ensure your poles are sticking 100% straight up and down, you must use a level when extending it ⁢towards the ceiling during setup. Make sure you place the magnetic level on all four sides (N,S,E,W) of each pole to check ​whether it’s leaning too much to any of ⁣the cardinal directions. Entire setup took me about 15-20 minutes, nothing terrible. But again, this is ⁣literally just two poles extended into⁣ the ceiling to make them stay put with a curtain or two hanging between them so…how well this ‍device works is up to how well you set this up and how light or heavy your curtains are. I’m just using some black out polyester curtains and they are being held up perfectly fine. This setup makes it so that I no ⁢longer encounter reflections on ‍my TV due to the patio door on the opposite ⁢side of the living room. The patio door has vertical blinds that I keep closed but sunlight would still ‌peek through the slits ⁢and ⁣show up on my TV ⁤as a reflection, making it very difficult to ⁤play video games or properly⁤ watch⁢ content. With this deployable ‌curtain rod setup at my back now, I’ve got no more reflections ⁢and extra ​privacy now! Very happy⁣ with ‍this purchase. Edit: 4 months later (December⁢ 2022) and this is still holding up perfectly for me! Have not had a single instance of them falling down or ⁤the curtains being too heavy or anything ​negative at all. Very pleased!

Sturdy and reliable

I had this set up as a room divider in a 2 bedroom apartment. It’s been almost a year and so far zero ​problems. It was easy to install and holds up very well.

Great room divider

Great room divider or use for photo shoot.⁤ I ended up buying⁤ another one to divide a small one room apartment! ‍Works great

Misleading advertising

Zero stars for customer service after false advertising. Every single picture on Amazon shows these rods with curtains. The curtains⁣ open. The curtains closed.⁣ The description specifically says room divider. How can you divide a room with⁣ no curtains? The‌ instructions show how ⁣to put the curtains on. They don’t say not included or additional purchase required or​ optional. They show how to put ⁢the curtains ⁤on. Umbra Customer ⁢service is a joke. I emailed right away and they responded back within a couple hours. They wanted the receipt and pictures and where I purchased ‍the⁢ item and how ​much I paid. I‍ sent everything and then they ghosted me⁢ for now 48 hours. So I⁣ tried⁢ to reach out to Amazon⁢ And all they⁤ wanted to do ⁤was⁤ have me return the item. I want the item. But I want what I ⁣paid for. So finally I get a human⁣ at Amazon who specifically says it’s⁤ called a curtain room⁢ divider. ⁢Of course it has curtains. So I have no idea if I’m missing ⁢the curtains or if it doesn’t come with curtains but ⁣either way don’t expect ⁢to get anywhere with Umbra who obviously know ⁣their product is misleading. EDIT-the description NOW ⁤says panels not included but did not at the time of my review.⁣ I’m glad my review ⁤resulted ​in this change⁢ but I still never heard back from them.

Decent item⁤ with some flaws

Great idea/ concept⁢ However, You definitely need two people ⁤to set this up. It will still break off ⁤the ends (which I taped back⁤ on) The manufacturer did not think this design out well enough.I also bought the cheaper ‘pre owned’ one …big mistake! A crucial piece​ was missing- I also DIY’d that ‍part too

Check for scratches on arrival

If you buy this, open ⁢right away to check it’s in new condition. ‍We waited ⁢til after the​ return window to do⁤ so and discovered BOTH were scratched, NOT brand new. Clearly had been taken out, set up and ‌returned. Overall a decent ⁣item. Great idea and mostly ⁣sturdy. Got the nickel ⁣finish ⁤because it was less expensive. Regret not getting white which ​may show wear less. Silver ⁤finish⁣ is NOT‍ durable.

Life-saver for last-minute guests

This set of Umbra tension rods was a life-saver when my cousins announced their wish to stay over with a last-minute notice. The setup was straightforward and convenient, although you may need a second set of eyes to ​align the poles properly. Its ⁣space-saving design makes it easy to⁢ store.

Excelente producto

Me encantó ​el producto. Lo puedes ajustar⁣ y cumple la misma función de un cortinero convencional sin tener que perforar o taladrar algo.

Great for dividing rooms

I bought this to divide a room I have a work with think curtains! It was extremely ‌easy to build it and use it! This is a very cheap way to divide ⁤rooms or hangs curtains without the need⁤ to drill holes!

Facile à‌ monter et ‍tient bien

Facile⁤ rapide à monter, ça fait 6 ​mois que ce paravent⁣ barre rideaux télescopique est ⁣installé ‍et ça tient‌ toujours debout même avec un chat qui joue les équilibristes tout en haut.

Quick and easy to build

Arrived promptly, as expected. Quick and easy to build. One person job.

Pros & Cons

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1. Damage-Free Installation: The Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider does not require any drilling or tools, making it perfect for rental apartments⁤ or condos where you can’t leave holes in the ‍walls or ceilings.
2. Adjustable Size: With a height range of 7-10 ft and a width range of 35-66 inches, this tension curtain rod can easily be adjusted to fit any ​space, whether it’s a small dorm room or a larger studio.
3. Versatile Use: The Anywhere​ Expandable Room ​Divider​ can be used not only ⁢as a curtain ⁢rod, but also ‍as a room divider ​with the use of curtain panels (sold ⁢separately). This makes it a great solution for creating privacy or separating spaces in ⁢a variety of settings.
4. Easy and Fast Installation: Setting up the Umbra Anywhere room divider is ​a breeze – it can ⁢be installed in less than 20 minutes,⁤ without⁢ the need for any tools.
5. Original Design and Quality:‌ Umbra ‌is a trusted brand known for their innovative and high-quality products. The Anywhere Expandable Room Divider is designed by an international team of designers and built to last, ensuring your satisfaction.


  1. Curtains/panels not included: While the Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider is a versatile solution, it’s important to note that the curtain panels are not included with the tension curtain rod. This means you’ll ‍need to purchase the curtain panels separately, which can add to the overall cost.
  2. Best used in low-traffic areas: The Anywhere Expandable ⁤Room Divider is ‍recommended to be‌ used in low-traffic areas​ and⁢ on smooth, level surfaces such as hardware or⁢ tile. This may limit its suitability for use in high-traffic areas or on uneven ​surfaces.
  3. Limited blackout capabilities:​ While the wrap-around design ‌of the tension curtain rod helps to keep curtains flush against the wall, providing a better blackout, it may not offer the same level of darkness⁣ as dedicated blackout‍ curtains or blinds.


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    Q: Can the Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider be used in rentals where drilling is not allowed?

A:⁣ Yes, the Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider is designed to be a completely non-damaging solution, making‍ it ideal for rental apartments and condos where you’re not allowed to drill. You can easily set up this tension ‍curtain rod‌ without leaving any holes or damage on walls or ceilings.

Q: How adjustable is the Anywhere ⁣Rod?

A: ​The Anywhere Rod is fully adjustable to fit any standard or irregular space. Its​ height can extend from 7-10 ft (213cm – 304cm), and its ⁢width can be adjusted from 35-66 inches (91cm – 167cm). This gives you the flexibility to customize the rod and make it fit perfectly in ⁣any room.

Q: Can the Anywhere Rod be used as a room divider?

A: Yes,​ the Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider is a ‌versatile solution that can be used to divide up⁤ space and create room separation.⁣ Simply pair it with curtain panels (sold separately), and you can easily create a living room divider or room separating divider for your loft, apartment, office, dorm room, and more.

Q: Is the Anywhere Rod easy to​ install?

A:​ Yes, the Anywhere Rod is incredibly easy and fast to install. It requires no tools, and the adjustable tension design allows for quick and hassle-free⁣ setup. You ‍can have it installed in minutes and start enjoying ‌the benefits of this room divider right away.

Q: Who designed the Umbra Anywhere Expandable Room Divider?

A: The⁣ Umbra‍ Anywhere ⁣Expandable Room Divider was designed by our team of ‌international designers who bring thought, creativity,‌ and original design ⁢to everyday items. When you choose Umbra, you are getting the original product made with high⁣ quality materials. Beware of copy-cat products.

Q: What if I’m ‍not completely ⁢satisfied with the Anywhere Rod?

A:⁤ We ​stand behind the quality and effectiveness‍ of ⁤our products. If you’re not completely satisfied with the Anywhere Rod for any reason, simply‌ contact us within 30 days and we will ⁣either fix the issue or issue⁤ a full⁢ refund. Your satisfaction is ​our top priority.

Note:⁢ Curtain panels are not included with the Anywhere Rod. It ⁤is best used ⁢in low-traffic areas and on smooth ​and level surfaces such as hardware or tile.

Discover the Power

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In conclusion, the⁤ Umbra Anywhere Expandable Tension Curtain Rod is truly the ultimate ​solution for all your curtain ​hanging and room dividing needs. With its unique design and adjustable features, this rod can fit any space, making it perfect for rentals, dorm rooms, ‌studios, and more.

Not only is the Anywhere Rod completely damage-free⁤ and easy to install, but it also offers the ⁣versatility to be used as a room divider. With the addition of curtain panels ‌(sold separately), you can effortlessly create privacy and ‍separate spaces in your home or office.

Made with high-quality materials and featuring a wrap-around design ⁤for better ​blackout, this tension​ curtain rod is not only⁢ functional‌ but ‍also stylish. Plus, when you choose Umbra, you know you’re ​getting the original design and total satisfaction.

So why wait? Experience the ⁢convenience and versatility of the Umbra Anywhere ⁢Expandable Tension Curtain Rod for yourself! Click here to order now ‌and‍ transform your space: ​ Order‌ Now!

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