Review: HSU’s Ginseng SKU 0134-4 | Half Short Small #1 | American Ginseng from Wisconsin

Review: HSU’s Ginseng SKU 0134-4 | Half Short Small #1 | American Ginseng from Wisconsin

Welcome to our review of HSU’s Ginseng SKU 0134-4! As avid fans of American ginseng, we were thrilled to try​ out this 4oz box of Half Short Small #1 Cultivated American Ginseng ⁢from Marathon ‌County, Wisconsin. The packaging⁣ alone exudes quality and tradition, making us eager to dive in and‌ experience ‍the distinct⁤ flavor and value that Wisconsin-grown American ginseng⁢ is known for. Join‌ us as we explore the benefits, taste, and overall experience ⁤of this renowned adaptogen, perfect for ‌daily use⁢ and gift-giving. Let’s get started!

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Looking for high-quality American ginseng? Look no ‌further⁢ than HSU’s Ginseng SKU 0134-4. This​ Wisconsin-grown ginseng is renowned for its unique flavor and value, making⁢ it a ⁢popular choice ​for food preparation and gift-giving.​ As ​a‍ yin tonic, ⁢this ginseng is suitable⁤ for individuals who are yang in nature, making it a versatile option ⁤for people of all ages and genders. ⁤Plus, ‍as an adaptogen, American ginseng helps the body function more efficiently ⁣and supports overall well-being.

Our Half Short Small #1 roots are sourced from local⁢ gardens ⁣in Marathon County, Wisconsin, ensuring⁤ freshness and quality in every box. Whether you enjoy ginseng in tea or cooking, these cultivated roots are‍ the perfect choice. With no ‌caffeine, sugar, or preservatives, you ⁣can feel good about incorporating this natural substance ‍into your daily routine.⁢ Treat yourself or a loved one to⁣ the gift of American ginseng today!

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Unique Features and Benefits

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When ‍it​ comes to HSU’s Ginseng SKU 0134-4, there are some truly remarkable features and benefits that set it‌ apart from the rest. Firstly, this product offers 100% Wisconsin American Ginseng Roots, sourced directly from‌ the garden ⁤in​ Wausau, WI – the Ginseng Capital⁢ of America. This ensures that you are getting the highest quality American ginseng with a ⁤distinct flavor and value.

Moreover, these Half Short ​Small Roots are the smaller in diameter and length,⁣ making‍ them a unique ⁣and versatile option for tea-making ⁤and cooking. Additionally, being a⁢ yin tonic,⁤ American ginseng⁤ is ⁤recommended for ⁤all ages and⁢ sexes and for daily,‍ long-term use. As an adaptogen, it helps the body ‌function more efficiently ⁤and supports overall‌ wellbeing. With no caffeine, sugar, or preservatives, this product is a natural and healthy choice for‌ anyone looking to incorporate ‌American ginseng into their routine.

Package Dimensions 6.93 x ‌5.28 x 1.73 inches
Date First Available October 12, ​2016
Manufacturer Hsu’s Ginseng

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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When ⁣it comes to American⁣ ginseng, quality is key, and HSU’s ⁤Ginseng ⁢SKU 0134-4 delivers‍ just ⁣that. Sourced directly from the garden in Wausau, ⁢WI – the Ginseng Capital of ⁤America, this product‌ offers the highest quality Wisconsin-grown ⁤American ginseng.⁤ The roots are cultivated with care and come⁣ in‍ a variety of ‌families and ⁢sizes to suit different needs, whether for consumption ​in foods or as ⁤thoughtful gifts.

With its cooling properties, American ginseng is recommended for all ages and ⁤sexes, ​making it⁢ a versatile tonic for daily,⁣ long-term use. As‌ an adaptogen, it helps the body function optimally ​by supporting ‌efficiency⁢ and elimination of toxins.⁣ The Half Short Small #1 roots ​are ⁢perfect for making tea ‌or incorporating into cooking, and ​they come dried and sealed to ensure freshness. If you’re looking to experience the ‌benefits of American ginseng firsthand, don’t miss out ⁣on​ this limited time ⁢offer with a free single tea bag included!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for HSU’s Ginseng SKU 0134-4, we found that the‌ overall sentiment is highly positive. Customers ​have praised the freshness of​ the ginseng and⁢ the well-packaging of the product. Many have also expressed their trust in Hsu’s company, highlighting⁣ its reliability ​and credibility.

Customer Reviews Summary

Positive Feedback Negative Feedback
The⁣ freshness of ginseng N/A
Well-packaged product N/A
Trustworthy company N/A

Overall,​ customers are satisfied with their purchase of HSU’s Ginseng SKU 0134-4. The positive feedback reinforces the ⁢product’s quality and ‌the brand’s reputation⁣ in providing top-notch American ginseng from‍ Wisconsin.

Pros & Cons


  1. High quality Wisconsin-grown American ginseng
  2. Distinct flavor and value
  3. Yin (cold) tonic for those who are yang ⁣(hot) in nature
  4. Recommended for all ages and sexes
  5. Supports ​body’s wellbeing⁣ as an adaptogen
  6. No caffeine, no sugar, and no preservatives
  7. Great for making ⁤tea and cooking
  8. Comes dried and sealed for freshness
  9. Great for gift-giving
  10. Small roots ⁢sourced from local gardens in Marathon County, WI


  1. Product image ⁣may vary slightly based on ⁢crop harvested
  2. May not be suitable for ⁣those seeking larger‌ diameter and length roots


Q: What sets⁣ HSU’s Ginseng SKU‌ 0134-4 ⁣apart from other ginseng products on the market?
A: ‍HSU’s Ginseng SKU 0134-4 is unique because it is 100% American ginseng from ⁤Wisconsin, ⁣known for its distinct flavor and value. It is cultivated ⁣in Marathon County,⁣ WI, the Ginseng Capital of America, and‍ is a yin (cold) tonic, suitable for all ages and sexes, for all seasons, and ​for daily, long-term use.

Q: ⁢How should I use HSU’s Ginseng⁣ SKU 0134-4?
A: ⁣HSU’s Ginseng SKU 0134-4 ⁤Half Short Small #1 roots are primarily used for making tea and⁤ cooking. They come dried and ⁣sealed for ‍freshness,⁤ making them ideal for ⁣gift-giving as well. As an agricultural product, the roots ⁤may vary‌ slightly from the product image based on the harvested crop.

Q: Is HSU’s Ginseng ⁣SKU⁣ 0134-4 suitable for everyone?
A: Yes, HSU’s Ginseng‍ SKU 0134-4 is recommended for all ages⁣ and sexes, as it is an adaptogen that helps the body to normalize ‍functions and eliminate toxic substances. However, it is best suited for those who are yang (hot) ⁢in nature, as American ‌ginseng is a⁤ yin ‍(cold) tonic.

Q:‍ Are there any added ingredients in​ HSU’s Ginseng SKU 0134-4?
A: No, HSU’s ‍Ginseng SKU 0134-4 contains no caffeine, sugar, or preservatives. It is⁣ pure ⁣American ginseng cultivated in Wisconsin, offering the highest quality roots for consumption.

Experience ‍the Difference

Thank you for taking the time to read our review ‍of HSU’s Ginseng SKU 0134-4‍ | Half Short Small⁤ #1‌ | American Ginseng from Wisconsin. We hope you found our insights helpful in making an⁢ informed decision about ​this‍ high-quality product. With its unique flavor and numerous health benefits, this‍ Wisconsin-grown American ginseng ​is ⁤a must-have for⁤ tea lovers ⁣and cooking enthusiasts alike.

For ‍a limited time only, ​you can ⁤get a free single tea bag with every purchase of the 4oz ⁣box‍ of​ HSU’s Ginseng. Don’t miss out on this hot⁢ deal while supplies last! Experience​ the goodness of American ginseng from Marathon County, Wisconsin and add a‌ touch of quality to your daily routine.

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